If you want to trade or buy a game you can send me a mail (see the homepage).
Prices are in US $. Payment is by cash $.
Please note the price DOES NOT include shipping cost.
Batteries are not included.

A: New
B: Good condition
C: Average condition
D: Bad condition
E: With box
F: With instruction
G: Styrofoam missing
H: Battery cover missing
I: Front plate missing
J: Broken catch
K: Ask for detail.

Last update: 10/11/20

LCD games

These LCD games can also be traded for Game&Watch games.
Your Game&Watch games must be in good condition, with their battery cover and
in the same range of price (see the quotation section).

N Type Game Name Condition Price Status
1 Gakken Chess B $50 For Sale/Trade
2 Mattel Star Hawk B $45 For Sale/Trade


Game&Watch Micro Vs.

N Nintendo Number Game Name Condition Price Status
1 BX-301 Boxing B/E/G $150 For Sale/Trade
2 BX-301 Boxing B $100 For Sale/Trade
3 HK-303 Donkey Kong Hockey B $100 For Sale/Trade