Here are some links to Game&Watch Collector and other related info. If you want to be added or removed of this page you can send me a mail (see the homepage) to give me your name, your country and your address.

Country Name (Collectors) Address
Australia Tim's Game&Watch collection
Belgium Tom Spilliaert G&W page
Danemark Henrik's site
Danemark Peter's site
Finland Esa Saajasto
France Gilles Losfeld (French site)
Germany Andreas Lorenz
Japan Engeldo Homepage
Japan Okap
Netherlands Patrick Peren
New Zeeland Michael Davidson
South Africa Daelene G&W collection
Sweeden Fredrik's Game&Watch
Sweeden Crille's Nintendo Game&Watch Palace
Sweeden Bo Nordberg
Sweeden Mikael's Game&Watch collection
Sweeden Robin Biornstad G&W page
Sweeden Ola´s games page
Sweeden Fletch's Game&Watch Collection
Sweeden Peter Rundqvist's Game&WatchHQ
UK Harry's G&W collection
UK Andy Cole's Games
UK Jules' Classic Videogames Collection
USA Retro Handheld and Tabletop Games
USA Steven Read LCD games Collection
USA Cal G&W Center
Country Name (Site about Game&Watch) Address
France Game&Watch simulators (French site)
Sweeden The Game&Watch central
USA Game&Watch